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I Choose You

I Choose You

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Release Date: 2003


I was hearing a lyric today "Didn't anyone ever tell you?" Figured out it was from the I CHOOSE YOU Cd. Just listened to it. Arrival At The City from Pilgrim's Progress is awesome! and then the beautiful song. God wanted me to listen to them and get blessed.--------Ginny from Singer Island, Florida

I heard a lyric today "didn't anyone ever tell you...? I looked at my CD's and figured out it was Point of Grace
Arrival At The City is awesome and then the song. What a blessing!! It is from the album I CHOOSE YOU I got a green bracelet with it way back in 2004 Can't wait for Jesus to return, it will be glorious. If the music here is good...wait till we get to the City Ginny

I can sum all of these beautiful songs with just one word: AWESOME! God is good. He has blessed these girls with a talent that ministers to everyone who hears their music. Keep those awesome tunes coming,girls! You rock! Good luck and God bless y'all! You're the best and always will be my favorite group ever. Love and hugs,Tia Hawley :)

This album truly lifted my spirit.