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No Changin' Us

No Changin' Us

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Release Date: 2009


I was truthfully touch and all the songs have trained me the true connotation of Christmas. I consider that Christmas is concerning the delivery of Jesus and how he come to ground.

You girls are avesome! Your lyrics is magnificently written. Combined with soul touching melody, it sounds great! is thinking about an interview with you.

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I am a big fan of point of grace. They have a great future. They have a unique style of performance. Talented and gifted artists like them are hard to find these days. I am waiting eagerly for their next song.
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Very disapointed of the new sound of POG... Way too country.

I've been a great fan since the beginning, but I only listened to this album once or twice... I don't mind having one country song, but an entire album... :(

I like more powerful song like Jesus Is, How you live, Fearless Heart, I Choose You or Steady On or slower songs like My God, The Wonder of it all, etc

But it looks like for the last few albums they can only do country or christmas albums! Come on girls... is it why Terry and finally Heather left the group?!? I have nothing against Leigh: in fact How You Live is a great album as well, but only christmas and country after this one...

Can I get a sound track to Love and Laundry? My email is I would buy it off you. Thanks so much. Rebecca

Absolutely love this CD. I gave it to my daughters for Christmas and they have it memorized already. Would like to know if "there is Nothing Greater Than Grace" and "He Holds Everything" are available on accompaniment tracks (original background from CD)? Love the country sound mixed with a little bit of everything. Thank you for giving of your time and talents.

Is there a soundtrack ONLY that I can purchase? Also, is there piano music that goes with any of the songs. I would like to sing Come To Jesus/ There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace in church as special music and need the music. Can you help me. 3/09/12 Vicki

You can get the sheet music to both on Music Notes online. I am looking for sheet music & acompaniment tracks for What ABout Jesus and Good place to turn around if anyone has any ideas?

Cannot get enough of this cd - LOVE THEM ALL! God bless you all!