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A Thousand Little Things

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I have written and emailed, not sure if you all will get this, My name is James B.Ruse II , I am the founder of ; C.O.V.E.R a Veterans Advocate organization , I have a Vision & Dream to give our nations Veterans Hope & Coming Home...this is an idea to help our Veterans , with Inspiration and is my wish to have Point of Grace headline a concert in Bishop,CA surrounded by the Eastern Sierra mountains, a beautiful and inspiring venue. I know after being a part of a concert in Bakersfield,CA, that the Beautiful Inspiration of your music will touch the hearts of our many Veterans, who desperately need this Inspiration and uplifted direction through your music and the Gospel...! Please I pray someone will pass this along to you , and Together we can truly give these service Women & Men..." Hope in Coming Home...God Bless ; James B.Ruse II 156 Short St, Unit-B Bishop,CA 93514 1-661-809-4179.

All very Inspirational songs, Beautiful voices and excellent recording sound , should have your studio people help MercyMe on the sound quality of their albums...!

Hi just wondering if you will be releasing a soudntrack for "What I Already Know" anytime soon! I was waiting on christianbook as it said Oct 16 but that has disappeared now! Thanks so much!

Because of the song "You Be the One" I have found myself to be more bolder at work, knowing that I might just be the one that God uses to bring His love into someone's life. I sing the song every day before I go to work and it inspires me to go out in this sad world of lost people excited to perhaps have the privilege of the being the one that God can use that day. Thank you Point of Grace for allowing God to sing that song through each of you to inspire people like me. Hugs!

Thank you for the song "What I Already Know"

It's a reminder to me while I'm going through a tough time. I believe God is in control, but sometimes your world tilts just enough that it throws you off balance. Thanks for reminding me that no matter what happens, God is still in control.

These songs are such a blessing to my four sisters and I..."What I already know" is one of my favorites...Thanks-

Listening to this cd and applying it to my life has changed my life for the best! Every song is like listening to parts of my life story. Keep singing! God is using your voices and talents in amazing ways!

Always the right message coming from you gals! Sounds amazing as always!

Bob Schoolcraft

Great!! So going to get it at a christian bookstore
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The song "Heaven Knows" is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for your ministry and for changing lives one note at a time. You are making a difference.

keep it coming. I know GOD is using you ladies to change so many lives. These songs meet them right where they are. Always let people see Jesus in you on stage and off and HE will continue to bless your ministry. Love you ladies.

amazing music! i like it.

YES Lord!!!!! Allyson

Wow Wow Wow what a blessed album i was so down but hope has been restored thank you lord

Really touched my heart...Thank you for the inspiration:-)
Rebecca Jean

I'm so glad the CD is finally here! I can't stop listening the songs....each of them is beautiful, precious lyrics. God may continue to bless you!

Awesome!! So going to get it at a christian bookstore

Awesome! Going out to buy this album right now! I wonder when CCM radio will start giving it air play?

Point Of Graces New CD is Excellent a Breath Of fresh air. I suggest every Point Of Grace fan buy there new CD right away.Robbie & George

You New CD is Excellent. A Breath of fresh air. I suggest to all Point Of Grace fans to go out & buy there New Cd right away. George & Robbie.

Just what I needed today.! Thanks Point of Grace, KE

I just received this album and I LOVE every song! I especially love "I Believe In You (Dedication Song)." It is such a beautiful song that I dedicated it to my family and friends. I am a long time fan and I thank Point of Grace for their ministry! You are such a blessing to me and my family. We love you! Please come to Colorado Springs! :))

I was just excited knowing that the new record was coming out. Now, after hearing tracks 1-5, I'm SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I've been a POG fan for over a decade and know about 98% of your songs by heart (still working on the newest stuff haha). I can already tell this record is going to be one of my favorites! Keep it up and God's continual blessings =))

Excellent CD. Cant wait for there new CD to come out. George

So far the tracks released (1-4) I love Heaven Knows, and Only Jesus even more! I can tell by the CBD samples, I think You Be the One is going to be my favorite! Either that or Only Jesus!

I love all of your music. I play them everyday and when I get overwhelmed with something I choose a song and it makes me feel better and that anything is possible. Thank you for doing what you do through your music.

Its so nice to hear that POG is getting back to the basics of what the purpose of making music is - to bring people to Christ - I accepted Christ in the summer of 91, Terry, former member of POG prayed with me at the Alive Fest in Ohio. I was 18... I was there by mistake, or so i thought, and POG music grabbed me and didnt let go... So, I am glad to hear the POG I came to Christ to, coming back....

Hope this is an amazing album as all the rest have been, you ladies are tryly touching lives with your encouraging message of Hope, Love and having Faith. God bless you immensely..