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Ahhhhh... Christmas is coming!!!

on November 07, 2011

I'm starting to stress a little. Everywhere I turn, I'm starting to see Christmas Decorations or Christmas candy.

We have much to prepare for to get ready for the tour. I'm usually way ahead of getting my Christmas cards printed so that I can get them addressed early on the tour. I haven't even got a picture yet much less placed my order. Should I not mess with them this year? Would anyone really care?? Sometimes I wonder.

It was nice to be home this weekend. Friday night we went to our High School Football game. I would talk more about the game and my boys, but they are starting to get to the point that they don't want me to talk about their personal lives. So there ya go... I love games where it consist of cold weather, sweatshirts, and hot chocolate. Saturday we went to take Price to this audition for kids to be invited work with Disney. One of those cattle call type things.

He did get a call back, but I don't think we are quite ready to commit to the $$$ for these acting camps right now. It's fun to see him start to get interested in his own thing though. Mr. Mosby from "The suite Life of Zach and Cody" was there. Price was excited about that. I wasn't allowed to take a picture of him.

Then we went to see The Bordeaux Eagles play their first Championship game which they won. Next we headed to watch Price play 2 basketball games. Came home and watched the Sooners win.

Went to see the movie "Tower Heist" . It was pretty good. Language was more than I desire. Came home and watched LSU/Alabama and OSU/Kansas St. game.

Sunday was a sweet day of church and home. Not many of those days come around, so I was thankful.

Today I met my friends Kelley and Paige for a morning workout. Now it's over!! Thank the Lord. It's my catch up day. Try to get organized for the week. I cherish these times. It seems like days like this give me the calm I need to get through the crazy days:) I have time to be quiet, talk to God, do laundry, go through some of those paper stack piles. I pray that you start your week with a little peace as well. Even if it only last 10 minutes.

Have a blessed week:)



it's a tradition, even if you mail them out on Christmas Eve. I think people enjoy seeing how our children have grown & changed over the year. at least I do


sounds like a great weekend!

i'm super excited because we will be coming to charleston, sc to the radio banquet on dec 6th... and bringing the baby! woohoo!

Misty Fagan

Well, I can say to you that one of the best gifts I received last Christmas was a card from a dear family! Their words and love meant too much for me and my family... you should keep on delivering those cards! This simple act can be a great demonstration of love and consideration to people!

You never know!

Blessings from Brazil,

Sometimes I am the same way when sending out cards. I am the one that always sends them out every year to my family and friends. It's a lot of work addressing all of them and getting them out, but so worth it. I love sending cards to my family and friends. It's part of my holiday tradition.

Hope you get everything done you need to. :) Have a wonderful day. :)