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The Beautiful Truth

on August 14, 2012

We just returned from our GOG conference in Jackson, Ms. The United Methodist Church and it's volunteers were super great, I can't wait to go back. Jamie Ross, thank you for your love of teenage girls and allowing us to be at your wonderful church to share the Beautiful Truth!!

All of our kids were with us this weekend and TOTALLY enjoyed Chris August and Group 1 Crew!!! Darby was blown away with the cool dancing and how beautiful Blanca is when she sings! I couldn't agree with her more. As a parent, I want my daughter to look up to Godly role models and our conference is full of them. People like Blanca (from Group 1Crew) share their testimony of how a relationship with God changed their perspective on how they see themselves.

If you know a teenage girl, we would LOVE for them to come and be a part of The Beautiful Truth! Check us out to see if we are near you at

Here is a picture of 3 beautiful girls!! Caroline, Blanca and Darby Mae

We are home for a few more days and then we head back out to Charlotte, N.C. for another GOG event! Come see us!!!!

blessings, leigh