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Blast from the Past


Yay! I was at this show with my friend Jenny! We had so much fun. Thank you all for liking the Angels that I made for you guys. Miss you all! I hope to you see you all soon.


Hey!, What's with the Black eye makeup around the eyes? I think denise is trying the Goth look!!! Just kidding, Ha Ha!!! Hey?, Thats an idea the next album the Girls could dress up in Black makeup and Goth gear and reach those in the Goth World!!! for Jesus Christ!!! Nah, That may be too extreme!!! Your fan, Steve!!!!!!!!!!

Show the one from Springfield, IL...especially since i am in it ;)

love watching all the videos

Wow, time just flew! "Circle of Friends" is one of my favorites of all time! Thanks for sharing, it has been a long time since I've watched this video! God Bless Yall!

Love it! You're all adorable and I loved hearing those old songs that made me fall in love with the music of POG about 10 years ago. Ruthanne in Mississippi

love your videos! miss them!