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Blast From The Past

Here's this week's "blast from the past"! Let us know if you have a favorite to share!

Sou muito fã de vocês desde 1996. Enquanto eu procurava por um cd para pedir de presente no "amigo secreto" ouvi 16 segundos da musica: steady on. Me apaixonei.
Fatalmente perdi os únicos 3 cds que eu tinha da banda na mudança para outra cidade. Hoje fico pela net ouvindo.
Muito bom!!!!!
Very good!!!!
kisses. Luciana

this is hilarious!

Wow! I am thinking so many favorites! I remember being introduced to your music my senior year in high school! (16 years ago!!) Since then I have added to my POG collection many times. From riding in a car packed full of girls and us singing "circle of friends" to driving my mini van with my 6 year old singing "my wish" in the back! Keep up the good work girls! Love ya!