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Blast From The Past

on October 31, 2011

Here's another "Blast From The Past" from an Opry trip and other fun behind-the-scenes moments!


Hello! I am an avid fan of PofG. As a coordinator for a women's ensemble in our church, I have often chosen your songs to sing. All the gals love them, as well. I generally make a recording of the specific song we will be singing so those who need to 'hear' it as they read the music can practice on their own and 'learn their part'. I thought I had all of your CDs, and have looked through everyone of them, but could not find THIS GIFT. Then, as I searched onlone, I came across it on You Tube. This is what is said: from David T Clydesdale (album) and it was your first Christmas song. Could you enlighten me on where I could find a recording of THIS GIFT? My email address is:
Thanks for your help, and for ALL your fantastic variety of music! Lisa G.