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Boys Are Back In Town - By Denise

on July 07, 2011


Yes indeed they are back:)  So happy to have them home.  Camp was great and no one had any major injuries, which is always a bonus. Here's a few pics from camp of them and their awesome friends.

The biggest reason I know they are back though is the laundry room is full and my grocery bill has tripled.  People have warned me about how their boys hit the stage of eating constantly.  We are there.  I don't know if camp kicked their metabolism into some new extreme, but I cannot keep them full.  We will have a huge meal and about 30 minutes later they are asking for a snack.  The biggest problem with that is that I tend to eat with them every 30 minutes and my metabolism HASN'T kicked into gear.  It's hit a screeching halt.  

The 4th of July weekend was fun.  We spent time with different friends and our cousins stopped in for the night for an unexpected visit.  Stu out-did himself with his firework show.  The "big mama" firework did not disappoint again this year, and he added a new one called "loyal to no one".  It was huge!!!  I'm not sure my neighbors appreciated it, but at least they were nice and didn't call the police.  We usually spend the 4th with Shelley and Leigh and the families.  I have to say I have missed them. They've both been out of town. Although I do have to comment on Leigh's family survivor.  I'M EXHAUSTED just reading about her vacation.  

I'm back to my job as cook, chauffeur, cleaning lady, nurse, mediator, basically lumped together under the heading "Mom".  But I love it:)   Today we hope to crash Shelley's pool, but shhhhhhh don't tell Shelley. She is out of town. (we'll have to ask the house sitters Mimi and Boppa)  

I do have to say thank you to those who have been reading the blog and for your comments. Congratulations Misty Fagan on your baby on the way.  If you didn't read it, her and Gerry met on the POG chat room.  Now they are married and having a baby.  woooo hoooo.  You know if it's a girl, you must have "Grace" in her name somewhere:)  Well, off to the pool we go....... Can't wait til tomorrow; we will be going to opening day of Zookeeper.  My boys are obsessed with Kevin James.  Bye bye for now.  



Thanks for the congrats! The name Grace had been on our list but I honestly had not considered it as having anything to do with POG, lol, so I think that the middle name debate is settled now :D We're not finding out what the baby is in advance, though, so it will be awhile until we can tell you the name for sure :)

And Jodi, you were super close! We were actually briefly thinking of Fenway (as in the Red Sox park) as a middle name. But more for a girl because we're using names from Gerry's family for boy middle names.

Once the baby is born, we'll try and get to a concert so you guys can meet him/her!


Hey Denise,
One of my co-workers was telling me about your blog and the new album coming out Tueday. She could'nt believe I wasn't following your blog. (You know how I barely check my email once a week!) So I thought I would get on. I'll have to make it a habit to log on often. I LOVE keeping up with you and the boys and what you're doing. Tell Spence and Price we all said HI. Love ya, Donita

I am loving reading your blog posts:) I just am not really sure how Spence and Price have gotten so grown up!! I loved your tweet of Price's quote the other day!- you can keep reminding him of that :) It made me think it doesn't seem like it was THAT long ago that Bunny and I were at the Billy Graham crusade and you had literally just had him and, we were so shocked you were there singing! :) Oh time flies! :) So glad your summer is going well! And love that you guys are doing a blog!
Ha! love that middle name- for Misty and Gerry! And if it's a boy it's gonna have to do something with sports , b/c she is a big sports fan! They are both really great people! - Jodi

I Love your posts, Denise.

Is there a soundtrack available for "What About Jesus?"