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Break A Leg!

on August 17, 2011

The very day we were in Clarksville, Tn. (see Shelley's blog below)... Darby was having her SOD recital - (School of Dance) in Franklin, Tn. Dana and I got to see the dress rehearsal the day before (thank goodness) and we were just blown away with Darb's rhythmic abilities. She loves to dance but this is the first time Darby has ever taken a hip hop class. Every Monday throughout the summer she learned how to pop, lock and even break dance.

Darby is getting ready - Stretching is very important before each class. This is also very important for us older woman before exercising too.

The hip hop dance team came in ready for action... Darby is in the center, front row. - Rock it out girl!!!

The break dancing part freaked me out... Darby would practice at home standing on her head with the support of her elbow - YEAH right!! Take a look at the attempt... so hilarious!!

The big finale was all of the classes coming out and taking a bow. It was so sweet and a wonderful way to spend our Monday evenings this summer. Darby had a blast and her teacher Holly was soooooooooooooooooooo adorable. Thanks to Holly and Cassidy for a great job!!

We have enjoyed some beautiful evenings here in Franklin, Tn. Believe it or not the last few nights have been cool and perfect for our after dinner walks. Last night was about 70 awesome degrees and Sunday evening was spent outside with friends and some vanilla ice-cream with sprinkles. (That's right... I am now a pro at Homemade ice-cream - I love that machine!!!).

Hope you are enjoying some family walks, some homemade ice-cream, and maybe a dance or two - it's "how you live".

Make it count, leigh cappillino


I have alawys loved listening to your music on Family life radio and K-love I recently woke up one day and heard you ladies singing a song in my head and I wrote the song just for you. I never did something like this before and I am a little nervous sharing with you but really wanted to because you ladies really inspired me to keep on singing. Love you so much hope you enjoy,