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Camp & Culver's

on July 12, 2012

Only one more day!!!!! I'm so ready to see my baby boy. Price has been gone for almost 2 weeks and I miss him terribly. By the end of last week, I thought that I was possibly going go have to to get him because he was so homesick, but he has conquered his sickness and has had a great time.

Here he is doing a little fly fishing. I'm just amazed that he would actually touch the bait to put it on a hook. I'm impressed already. Here is the big wall that they have to help each other over. I almost look at it as a symbol of other obstacles that he has overcome. I have a feeling that the Lord has helped him overcome some things he thought he would not be able to this year at camp.

Anyway, I cannot wait to see his sweet face in person and squeeze him to death. I've missed him a lot.

OHHHHHHH i forgot to tell you. Culver's has opened it's doors here in Franklin, TN. I'm sooooo happy! For those of you who don't know about Culver's. It is the home of the Butter burger. YUM!!! and the crinkle fries, AND the Frozen Custard. It is soooo delicious. This could be a very dangerous thing for me. I am very upset though. I was out of town on their opening day and the first 100 people received a certificate for a free pint of Custard every week for the next year. Isn't that awesome? Well, I must be going because I have to load up the car to head towards Camp Rockmont. I can't pick him up til tomorrow, but I told him in a letter I would try to be the first car there. HEHE I cannot wait. Hope you have a blessed day.