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Carving Up Memories

on October 11, 2011

I LOVE this time of year...we are just beginning to see the leaves change colors and our evening walks of fresh air are so delightful. The color orange is taking over my home. It all began when Darby brought home the first pumpkin... This weekend we went outside, set the table up and carved a larger pumpkin. What is it about taking the pulp and seeds out of the belly of a pumpkin that is so methodical?... Dana and Darby make a great carving team! The Cake boss could use their skills...

As a matter of fact, the Cake Boss is starting it's new season! So between Cake Boss and recording episodes of the Walton's, our evening T.V. time has improved tremendously! POG got to meet Buddy a few years ago in N.Y. We were on the Huckabee show and so was Buddy (the Cake Boss). He had made a cake to surprise and celebrate Huckabee's birthday. The cake was a yellow bass guitar ( if you keep up with Huckabee, you know He plays the bass and is a music buff). You can see the cake in back of us.

We went crazy over Buddy...he was so kind... He invited us to his store in Hoboken, N.J. We made a special trip out there... Buddy invited us in (through the back entrance) to see where they prepare everything. They were actually taping a show at the time ( the one with the Robot cake)... Before we left, He gave us boxes of his famous treats and we felt like kings and queens.

You never know who you might meet and what chain of events will follow...

The Cake Boss show inspires Darby so much... Daddy pretended to be a customer and he needed two different cakes. One was a music theme for our family. The other was for our dog we baby sit, named Ollie. With the help of Playdoh - here is Darby's cakes. She may have a future in this...

What are you "carving up" today?

We hope it will lead to great blessings and sweet treats for all around you to enjoy!!!

Enjoy life, Leigh Cappillino