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Change Is In The Air

on October 28, 2011

Look around! The trees are beautiful and a cool front just blew in. Yay, I can finally wear some fall clothes:)

Here is the tree in my front yard...

Here is a picture of my new boots I just bought. I'm so excited to wear them today for the first time. I got the at our new Nordstom's, Hip Hip Hooray!!!! It finally came to Nashville. We've been waiting for so long.

CHANGE - It can be scary and wonderful all at the same time. I feel like my life is full of changes right now. My 14 year old (Spence) is not a baby anymore. We are about to change into the Christmas season of touring. I love it, but it is sometimes challenging on the family. My 11 year old (Price) is figuring out who he wants to be. Stu and I are finding ways to communicate better than we have in the past. Hopefully God is changing me. I'm working on getting rid of some of the things in my life that I've tried really hard to find security and peace in other than God himself. It's no coincidence that my bible study this fall would be "No other god's" by Kelly Minter.

One thing that never changes is God's love for us!!!! He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. AMEN!

Today we are in Meridian, MS singing in a beautiful theater. I have been a little slow getting around today. The weather is cold and rainy. Makes you just want to curl up and read a book. However, Leigh and I are going to try to make ourselves workout. Shelley is on a fruit and veggie detox so she has no extra energy to give at the moment. Here are some of the torture devices that I've brought along to make our workout more enjoyable. NOT!!!

After we do that, we'll have lunch LOL!! Then hang out, maybe read a book, sound check, a fantastic show, them go to bed. It's a pretty good day.

Tomorrow we are going to be at Girls of Grace Birmingham. If you haven't got your ticket, you can still come. I can't think of a better thing to do on a Saturday if you are a teenage girl! Have a blessed day! Embrace the changes and enjoy the ride:)


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