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Christmas Shoes

on December 03, 2010

We JUST finished our first show in Minneapolis on our Home for the Holidays tour. Everything went really great, especially for the first show.

Well, almost everything.

I think I mentioned the other day that our stylist, Amber Lehman, got us our clothes for the tour. She is this really cool girl with GREAT taste, a knack for putting things together to create an “original look”, and she really gets us. The only real problem I even have with her is that she has a perfect body, (I won’t elaborate on that, but she seriously does)and sometimes, when you’re trying on clothes in front of her, you feel a little, well…bigger.

But that’s not her fault, it’s my fault. So I don’t really hold it against her.

Back to tonight. Amber got us really cute outfits and really cute shoes for our tour.

Really cute torture device shoes.

So right now, my feet hurt so bad after just one show that I’m going to google Grand Rapids hospitals right after I write this post, so that tomorrow, I can check myself into one before our show. And they can operate on my feet or something. Because they are THROBBING. THRO-BBING.

Shelley’s Christmas Shoes

See what we do for fashions’ sake??

Leigh’s Christmas Shoes

Hers’ are a cheery red!

Denise’s Christmas Shoes

I really don’t want Denise mad at me with that weapon of a heal.

That’s all I got.

I need to go now because it’s going to take me about 3 hours to walk to the bus from the church.

PS FOR REAL ya’ll need to read Amber’s Blog! It’s like so totally awesome! She always finds real cute clothes and shoes and shows you where to get them. And you can also see the big stars that she dresses. Sometimes she writes about them and shows what they wear on her blog.

PSS You won’t find us on her blog.

PSSS Look at this cool pic that our drummer took tonight during the show….