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The "COOL" Pool

on August 23, 2011

This past weekend was one of the few that we will have left in this year for the POG kids to get to just "hang out" together. Once school gets in full swing, it's tough to coordinate our schedules so that all of our kids can play together. Even though Spence is getting so much older than the rest of them, its sweet to see that he still loves hanging with Darby Mae and Caroline. So, Saturday we went to "THE COOL POOL". This is in reference to a fantastic family that opens their home and pool up to many people in their community. I love it when God blesses someone and they take that blessing and choose to bless others by it. My boys have been wanting to go all summer long and we have not made it there. So, this was a chance to fulfill my promise that I would take them.

Here are some shots of their fun day.

They also had fun playing on this teeter totter that is WAY too small for them.

They were suppose to all be holding hands, but Spence jumped a little too high for Darby.

The "Cool" Pool added another fun addition that I didn't know about. The ZIP line. When Leigh was telling me what it was, I thought it zipped you into a lake, but that is not the case. Spence called this landing an epic fail. Thank goodness Price was not hurt.

Anyway, it was fun to watch them enjoy the day together. None of us have actual family that live in town, so the POG kids are more like cousins in a way. I love that they enjoy each other's company. After a few tough days of our start to school, it was a nice retreat. I will say that it was a blessing to pick up my kids yesterday from school and both had smiles on their faces. It made a good start to our week. I'm thankful that routine has set back in for a little while. I know I'll be wishing for a break from it soon, but for now I'm feeling a little more settled. What is on your list to accomplish once you start getting back into routine? Clean out a closet? Start a bible study? Go on a diet?? One of my goals is to start exercising regularly again. I feel soooooo much better when I do. My family is grateful too because I'm not such a grouch:)

Hope you feel loved today.



Aw, how I miss summer!! It seems like they had a great time!
It's really a bless that they are so close! Your songs are inspiring, and the way you live and educate your kids only shows that you live what you sing! And I think that's why I love you girls that much!! I'm really glad God is using you by your songs and by this blog!!

Gob bless ya!
Love from Brazil, Karen