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Denise On Empty Nesting

on June 22, 2011


Well, not really, but I feel like we are trying out being empty nesters for the next two weeks.  I dropped my boys off at Camp Rockmont in Black Mountain, NC on Sunday. It's an awesome Christian camp for boys only. (Which makes Mom really happy) girls.   They will be gone for 13 days.  I don't think that I have been at home for more than 1 night without at least one of them here.  So now I'm faced with all of those projects that I've been putting off with the excuse that I just didn't have time with all of their activities.  I decided to tackle my biggest project first, the dreaded wrapping room!!  Well, that's what I call it because when we started looking to buy this house, the previous owners had it all organized with wrapping paper, scrap booking crafts, and sewing materials.  NOT very fitting for me.  Therefore when we moved in, it ended up as a junk room.  It's gotten worse over the last year as you can see.   

I KNOW!!!!  i'm kinda embarrassed to even show you, but maybe it will inspire some of you who think you've got a messy house.  I honestly would rather pluck my eyelashes out one by one then clean this up, but after two days of detailed torture......

 Doesn't it look better???  I also cleaned out our hot tub and did a few loads of laundry.  

Not all of my time has been work though.  Stu and I are having fun seeing what it would be like for our kids to be gone to college.  What would we do?  So, Monday night when he got home from work, we went on a bike ride with our new bikes and brought along a picnic.  It was fun until we had to bike up this huge hill coming home.  I thought both of us would pass out.  Here is a picture of us on our adventure.  

We are actually going to go on dates, try new restaurants, and maybe stay out late enough to hear some music in Nashville USA!  So, for those of you creative minds, feel free to give me some ideas. Last night we decided to stay in for the evening. We rented a movie "The Fighter", ordered pizza from Matteo's, and for our something new, we tried an ice cream place called "Glazee" .  I think Shelley may have twittered about it before, but it was DELICIOUS.  He talked us into getting 3 pints. (buy two, get one free) I'm going to have to workout overtime. All of it is homemade right there in the kitchen. Seriously, the Butter Pecan Pie flavor was REDONK!!!!   

I have to say, that after 19 years of marriage I still enjoy my husband's company. Sometimes we just forget that our family began with us and needs time and attention. I miss my boys sooooo much, but I know that this time is good for the two of us as well.

Today I suppose I will start project #2.  (cleaning out and giving away the clothes the boys have outgrown)  I'm also meeting the girls for a Point of Grace lunch/meeting which is way more fun.  Some day I'm going to be able to go to Shelley's swimming pool and it not rain.

Hope you have a wonderful day.  Know that you're loved by God:)






hi Denise my name is Danielle Jones and Robert Jones is my dad and Jerry Jones is my grandfather i was looking threw the blogs and i saw this picture of you and Stu and i see that he looks like my dad Robert.

Love reading your blog, you guys are so much fun and I had lots of good laughs. Hope you have a great summer! Thanks.

SO excited about a POG blog!

While you're empty-nesting... I'm about to do the opposite... Gerry and I are about to welcome our first baby in October! I wanted to make sure you knew since I'm pretty sure this is the only baby to result from people meeting on your chatroom, haha.

Hope things are going well!
Misty Fagan

Soo..glad to read your entry, Denise. The room looks great! Love to you!!

Wow, your room looks great! Congratulations! Yes, we all have one of those rooms. Well, most of us. ;-) Hope you and Stu have a great time...kind of a second honeymoon!

Awesome cleaning job... :)
And, on your comment that I`m loved by God...thanks...I needed to hear that today

Carol H

Wow, that room was HUGE once everything was out... but what did you do with everthing that was in there, lol

What a HUGE room you have! At the first pic, I though it was a tiny one! Magically you turn that place bigger! Congrats!

Now seriously, I think it's awesome you're writing here too!!!! Thanks for sharing, Denise!!! Hope you're enjoying your "empty" nest with your husband! :}

Blessings from Brazil,

Hey Denise! Love that you are doing a blog! It's good to see you again! I had that empty nest thing going on for the 2 weeks when my kids were all at their dad's house. But now that they are all back here, I'm ready to ship them back off for awhile! LOL these pre-teen girl hormones are killing me!! You can borrow her for awhile if you get too lonely! :) ~Robin Vermeer Bobo (from those good ole' OBU days)