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on July 13, 2012

This is the week Darby has looked forward to for many months now. Encore is a week long camp held at her school each year. There is a reason it is called Encore - the kids ALWAYS want to come back! The wonderful teachers, volunteers and curriculum make this week extremely FABULOUS and FUN!!! This year Darby signed up for Pamper Palace - she learned how to make soaps, lotions, spa treatments as well as learning how to paint her nails. (I am thinking, this will save me lot's of $$$$).

Another class she signed up for was Icing on the Cake - the motto is "We don't make mistake's, we EAT them!" I LOVE that!!!! Darby learned cake decorating skills. She wants to make the baby cake for the baby shower now -SWEET!!! Great work, and delicious too!! Take a look...

My favorite class she took was Sew What? I would like to think this one was inspired by my sister, Reide. Reide has taught Darby many things on the sewing machine. In this class she made a skirt, a purse pouch and several other things. She is begging us for a sewing machine... she wants to make clothes for the baby. ( Guess where Daddy and Darby are now? Yep, Target, to look for a sewing machine). At least this is not a "toy" instead it could possibly benefit us all - I hope!

Her last class was So You Think You Can Dance?...This was a favorite of most of the girls at camp this year. They learn two dances to popular pop songs and get to perform them the last day of camp. We just returned from the Encore Show and everyone did a marvelous job!!

Sorry, this pic is so blurry, but she is dancing... hee hee.

We are so proud of Darby, her awesome school and the enormous blessing this camp brings to our community!!! Thanks again to ALL those involved... Encore, Encore!!!!

Blessings, leigh