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At The Fair

on September 02, 2011

POG had a fantastic time yesterday in Philippi, W. Va at the Barbour County Fair. POG has never been to Philippi, but we certainly hope to return. We seldom get the opportunity to "see" the surrounding area of where we actually play. Often times you go from the bus to the hotel and then hotel to the venue and then back to bus...However, our fun began with a lovely walk in the woods just near the fair grounds... (did I mention the temp was about 80 degrees with NO humidity?) Just a bit of exercise is necessary especially when around fair food (a weakness for each of us girls).

And a lovely walk it was... Michael (our pianist and friend) Shelley and Denise just taking in the fresh air.

We even ran into King and Kate, the horses. The owner is keeping them cool in the woods before all the fair peeps come. So sweet... (I am holding my nose but they really didn't smell).

After our walk, we ran into the most beautiful pink pig we all have ever seen! It looked as pretty as all the pictures you see in books and the movies. We asked the owner what this pig's name was but they informed us the pig didn't have a name. They don't give the pigs they will slaughter a name... what?... That's right, they will eventually have to chop ole "Wilbur" up - it IS the circle of life and I DO love me some bacon!!

Speaking of food, we were now ready for some vittles... would you know our awesome host/driver owned a pizzeria just down the road. This place was no ordinary pizza joint. The dough and pizza sauce are made fresh every morning and the hoagies were a prize too. We would enjoy the pizza's later after the show (and they were fantastic) but for lunch each of us tried something alittle different. I had the Philly steak cheese hoagie and I had them substitute the green peppers for banana peppers - whoa whee!!! It was out of this world delicious. Next time you pass through Philippi, W. Va., stop by the Hometown Pizzeria and enjoy a hoagie or a pizza pie!! You want be sorry!! (Ya'll they even had a Ms. Pac Man arcade game!)

These folks were so hospitable! On our drive back to the venue (after stuffing our faces) the host/driver, Heather, mentions to us the lady that is fixing our dinner is famous for fixing a "Thanksgiving" feast for ALL the fair artists every year. (I can't even think about food right now... and we are leaving for dinner in about 2 1/2 hrs - how is a girl suppose to keep her girlish figure with these temptations?) Boy, did they ever have a feast... turkey, meatballs, ham (Wilbur), stuffing, green beans, sweet potato soufflé, homemade rolls, rigatoni, slaw, strawberry spinach salad and SSSSsssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more. Then the dessert table - German choc. cake, choc. delight, upside down pineapple cake, cheese cake with cherries, cream cheese tart (and that is just what I ate)... Seriously too much to even remember.

That is a hint of the kindness we were shown and are constantly shown everywhere we go! Thank you again to all the wonderful people we met in Philippi we look forward to seeing you again very soon!!!

p.s. thanks to the gentlemen that brought to our signing table some fresh HOT corndogs - the madness never ends!!!

Hope everyone is "stuffed" today with God's blessings and His presence in their life, leigh capp


What a blessing to hear you all perform live in our "Hometown" of Philippi, WV. Thank you for your continued dedication to sharing God's Word through song. P.S. My uncle who brought you the corn dogs wanted me to tell you that he would get you all the hot frest corn dogs you want if you will come back again!! ;-)

Hometown Pizzeria is actually in Belington WV, but I know you guys were having trouble with the P and B words. :)

You ladies gave a great performance that wasn't nearly long enough. I began listening to your albums in the mid 90's. Though I grew up in church, traditional gospel music was always too "stuffy" for my tastes. You opened my ears to a whole new genre with just the right contemporary feel and perfect harmony. Keep up the good work and please do come back.

Brad P.

Hey girls! This is Heather! It was so sweet of you to put us on your blog! We loved you guys and hope to see you again!

One of the most wonderful concerts I've been too. The weather outside was wonderful and you girls were absolutely amazing!! Drove 3.5 hours to get there and it was worth every mile. My friend and I were so excited to get to meet you afterwards and enjoyed hearing all your stories. Hope your Dad made it to you okay, Denise!! Can't wait to see you again. Lisa

And Philippi, WV thanks you for coming! The music is great!! I hope you all get to come back very soon!! Have a great day!!

Thank you ladies so much for making time to come to WV to visit us. I've been a fan since I was a young teenager, and it was so exciting to hear you sing live and get the chance to meet you. It is so gracious of you to always make time to meet your fans after the show. God uses you in many ways! Please come back to WV anytime you get the hankering for some homespun, country hospitality. We'd love to have you back!!