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Fall Break

on October 20, 2011

Hi everyone!

Hope you are enjoying your week. It's been one of those off schedule weeks due to travel and fall break. Last weekend we were out on the road, so my boys (including Stu) went to the beach with our friends the Funks. They have a condo down in Rosemary. So poor poor me had to stay home:(

Here's some pics from their trip.

They said that the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Actually we were traveling part of the time with our @GOGevent and singing in Pennsylvania. It was beautiful up there on our little drive from Baltimore. We made the most of our drive by entertaining ourselves. Michael Passons was in rare form and had us laughing our heads off. I still laugh out loud when I think about his "hee haw" donkey joke. One of the games we played in the car was that you couldn't speak anything. We had to talk like we were in a musical. So everything had to be sung not spoken. LOL! That is funny stuff. Too bad we didn't have the flip!!! I'm so happy that I have so much fun with the people I travel with:)

We've been in the studio a lot this week. Ian Eskelin is helping us get some amazing tracks and vocals. I'm starting to really get excited about the new record. Well, my boys are out a half day today and tomorrow, so I've got hustle and get some errands run. Hope you have a blessed day.



Hahahaha... that's a funny game to play in a long distance car travel!! Truly original! lol
A blessed day to you too!!

Brazilian hugs,