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Fall Break

on October 25, 2012

It's a beautiful day!!!! I am loving taking some time to sit outside in my screened in porch. It's been so weird this week around my house. Stu has been gone for the week which has left me and the boys at home alone. I can count on my right hand the number of times Stu has been away at night without me or the boys. He is probably LOVING his time. He had an orthopedic continuing education class in Hilton Head, SC. Not too shabby of a place:)

The boys were out of school for fall break on Monday and Tuesday. We had lots of fun. One night we went bowling.

We went out to eat at their favorite places. Played a lot outside. One day the boys called a bunch of friends to go play backyard football. They had so much fun and I loved just watching them play with that innocent joy. Unfortunately kids don't get as much of that anymore. Makes me sad:( I thought to myself. This is what 9th grade boys should be doing instead of worrying about teenage girls, etc. I KNOW!!!! Wishful thinking!!

The only positive about my sweet hubby being gone all week is that I've not worried as much about making my bed, getting stuff picked up. Of course, he gets home tomorrow, so I might want to get myself off the couch in the screen porch and tidy up a bit:)

AHHHH big news if you watch the new show called "Nashville". Last night's episode showed our very own Dana Cappillino loading guitars into a van!!! Isn't that fun???
Anyway, that's what I've been up to. Hope you are loving the changing of the trees as much as I am. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend!