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Father's Day Memories With Point Of Grace

on June 07, 2012

Shelley, Leigh, and Denise shared with us some of their favorite Father's Day memories and traditions. See what they have to say here!

Do you have a specific Father’s Day tradition?
We let Dad sleep in on Father's Day (meaning mom gets up with daughter and doggie!), then we usually go to Dad's choice of restaurant for lunch after church. If he wants to play golf, he has a free pass, but usually, he just stays home and spends time with us because he is an AWESOME dad!

What are your Top 5 Father’s Day gift recommendations?
I asked my husband what the five things he would most love…here is his list…
1.Electric Smoker for smoking meats outside
3.18 holes of golf
4.Car Wash gift certificates
5.anything handmade by my daughter

What is your favorite quote about Father's Day?
I love this perfectly describes my father.. "He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~Clarence Budington Kelland"

Do you have a specific Father’s Day tradition? Or a favorite Father's Day memory?
I didn't have a Father' s tradition growing up necessarily other than the normal dotting on my Dad with cards, and ceramic ashtray and so on. Now my little girl Darby, looks forward to any day she gets to do something special for her Dad. The tradition with her is something Yankee or N.Y Giants. Daddy never has too much of that stuff.
What are your Top 5 Father’s Day gift recommendations? Or the best gift you’ve ever given?

My husbands birthday and Fathers day are always VERY close... One time ( while he was on a trip) I had a decorator come in and fix up his studio- top to bottom!!! He loved it and that gift will last me for many Father's Day's to come!!

Do you have a special Father’s Day quote?
I have often heard your ability to trust in your heavenly Father resembles your TRUST in your earthly Father! I believe in my Daddy with all my heart!!

Do you have a special Father’s Day memory to share?
Many years after my Dad's remission...I wrote him a letter and read it to him on Father's day... The letter basically described how his perseverance and determination was such a heroic act! I am so proud of the fight within him to get better! Love you Dad!!!

Do you have a specific Father’s Day tradition?
My dad LOVES to play golf. When I think about what we did on Father's day the thing I remember most is that Dad would get to spend his day at the golf course. Then at some point during the day Mom would grill out and we would either have burgers or steaks. Good news is, my husband Stu likes that tradition as well except he would rather his boys come play golf with him.

What is the best Father's Day gift you’ve ever given?
A few years ago, my sisters and I started paying for someone to help do his lawn work. It isn't that he minded doing it, but he's not getting any younger and during the hottest days of summer it's nice to have someone else come in and do it.

Can you share a little bit more about your father?
My dad is one of the sweetest dads I know. He loves his three girls so much. Although he might have dreamed of having a boy to play ball with or whatever, he did his best to adapt. I'm thankful that he has given me an earthly example of what a loving Heavenly Father looks like

Do you have a special Father’s Day memory to share?
A couple of years ago we recorded the song "King of the World". We didn't have a final mix of it yet, but our producer made us a rough mix of the song. I was able to send that to him for Father's Day as a surprise. I think it meant a lot to him.