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Forgive My Caring - From Leigh

on July 29, 2011

This was the heading of a poem on the back door of my dressing room last week (not to be confused with a POG dressing room)... Yes, it was that time of year to take care of ALL my Doctor visits (3 to be exact). I like to get everything done in one female swoop. The first stop was no big deal but the second stop was somewhat of a new experience for me - a Mammogram. I have heard all the awful stories one after the other but nothing can really prepare you for what has to be done. As a matter of fact this poem not only made me laugh but also put me in a state of calmness just before the procedure...

The nurse practitioner was wonderful, so informative and extremely precise - and I do mean precise..."Ouch! I am not sure "it" is suppose to do that?" She assured me "it" could do that AND much more. (I had no idea me and Playdoh had so much in common).

My final stop was just as painful... I hate to fly and I HATE NEEDLES!!!!! I needed to get my Cholesterol checked and I had no idea it required giving a vile of blood. "What? Dr. I am not mentally prepared for that today, can we do it next time?" "No" he said, "You are here, so let's take care of it now. And at your age, you need to do this." (Uggg!!! Leigh, go to your happy place...just go to your happy place...) After what felt like 49 mins. of blood sucking pain - it was finally over... except on my way to my car a bird pooped on my hand - yuck!! ...What a day!

Once I got in the car and wiped off my hand (note to self, need to buy antibacterial wipes for car) I reflected. I couldn't help but remember so many of my friends and even strangers being poked and needled as we speak. My friend Chris is going through Chemo this week. And THANKS to our fine Dr.'s, nurses and even those very LARGE machines we have an opportunity to get better. I say to those Dr.'s and nurses, Thanks for caring!.

My few moments of discomfort is nothing compared to what so many are dealing with...on behalf of Shelley, Denise and myself - WE CARE! You all are so kind to comment on how our music has helped get you through some very difficult situations. We love knowing that and it truly blesses us and motivates us to keep on doing what we are doing. Thanks' for telling!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and watch out for those birds!


Thanks for sharing your story Leigh:) I too had similar experiences recently. AND, even tho I HATE these female checkups I do it as a gift to myself, family & all the gals who go through much worse to live on this earth with their families.
Take care of yourselves Leigh, Shelley & Denise. Hope your story inspires others to do the same. Thanks for the encouraging songs too!!

Forgiveness is the key that will unlock the prisons we put ourselves in when we hold onto our hurts. Nancy’s dynamic and scriptural approach, along with dozens of stirring stories and practical examples, will give you the strength to choose freedom through forgiveness.

I wonder if I can schedule all my prenatal appointments the same day? haha ;) Not that I'd really want to, because I count down to the appointments. It makes time seem to go faster than counting down to my due date. I'm 27 weeks now and my next appointment is in 10 days! Woohoo!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm blessed that the group whose music I fell so completely in love with so many years ago was and is made up of wonderful, caring people. Y'all taking time to pray with me back in DC during that XM radio concert when Gerry and I were having so much trouble with immigration just meant the world to us both. And the caring is reciprocated... your fans truly love all the members of POG, past and present, and we love nothing more than hearing from you or seeing pictures of your families. Thanks for letting us into your lives.

Have a great weekend!
Misty Fagan

Thank Leigh, for sharing your story about Mammorgrams. Aren't they fun?! NOT!!! No fun, but yes, necessary and I'm glad you got yours done!

Thank you girls, for your wonderful truly has ministered to me in so many ways over the years.

God Bless,
Lisa Barnett (Bakersfield, CA)

My mom is a Breast Cancer Survivor and i really appreciate that you are talking about mamograms and how they can save lives :)

You made really well on scheduling all this things on one single day! Less discomfort and not so much time to think and worry about in between! You just reminded myself when you asked the doctor if that could be done next time! Haha... needles, argh!

But the most important thing here, is that we indeed have many moments of pain and discomfort here, in the Earth, but we have always to remember that: this is not our home! Thank God we are just waiting to be with Him, in heaven... where the birds are probably more polite!! lol (Thanks for the advise, actually!)

Blessings from Brazil,