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Friday Thoughts

on August 05, 2011

I don't really know what to blog about today. I feel like there is nothing really that exciting going on or funny to tell you about, but here I go...

We started football yesterday. Two extremes. My oldest started pads and got in the car after practice along with 2 other boys and it was like they had all had a shot of testosterone. They were pumped up like they could take on the world. We rolled the windows down and cranked up the song "Go Hard" from the cd "Rebel" by LECRAE. I'm not sure my ears are ever going to recover much less my speakers. BUT, they were cute trying to dance all cool in the car as we are swaying back and forth at the stoplight.

Then last night I head back up to school to take my youngest son Price to his first football practice ever. It's like a rite of passage when a Mom let's them get out of the car and knows that they are going to teach them how to hit each other as hard as they can. I'm not sure yet how he will like it. You know when you send them out there that they are going to get yelled at in a way they never have before. He goes to full pads tomorrow. I've been thankful to Spence for getting outside with his younger brother and pushing him around a little to get used to it. Something in me LOVES it all so much. The other day I was out running passing routes. I told my boys that I am probably one of the few 42 year old moms that will get out in 100 degree heat and do this. I suppose this is why I love "Friday NIght Lights" so much. I'm still sad that it's over. Last night I made Price's favorite dessert as a celebration of his first football practice. It's the Glazed Tea Cake recipe from our cookbook. Here is a picture. Now, I did take half of it to some of my friends this morning. But I just leave the cake knife in the pan and we all just keep coming up and cutting little pieces at a time. That way I don't feel like I ate so much. haha!!!

I do want to tell you about an incredible book that our family is doing together at night preparing us for fall sports. If you have a child in any kind of sport I would HIGHLY recommend it. No matter what different personalities you have in your family. it has led to great conversations and new challenges for me as I apply it to my own life. It's an easy read and give wonderful practical advice. It's called "Scripture and Sport Psychology" by Derek de la Pena, Ph.D.

Football says to me that it's time to get back to school. Are you ready? I've got complete mixed emotions. I don't want to go back to homework and schedules every day, but then on the other hand I feel like I'm in major need of some routine. Every day is so different that I can't seem to get anything accomplished. Some things I've gotten really lazy about. Do any of you feel the same way?? The other thing that tells me it's time to get back to school is tax-free weekend. YAY!! Of course we then usually end up buying something that we really didn't need just because it was "TAX FREE" . So, I hope you take advantage of some of the sales on the things you actually do need. I'm going go now and get another slice of tea-cake, then head to the football field to pick up tired and hungry boys.

Have a wonderful day and great weekend.



Hi, my name is Rick Wells and I want to thank you for the song Heal the wound. I was just listening to gosple song on the internet and I saw you on u-tube and listen to that song and it really touched me. I lost my wife 4 mounths ago on 4-2-2011 to lung cancer ( mesothelioma) I God comforts me when I am lonely. But my heart hurts for my wife she was only 43 years old to young. Words can not tell how much I miss her. God bless you for allowing God to use you to touch people. I could feel the spirit of God in that song. God continues to heal my wounded heart. Would love to hear from you e-mail me @ God Bless your brother in Christ Rick