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Friends And Marcy

on July 25, 2012

My bff just visited me this past week. I love our time together... Jane Austin's movies, great food and explosions of laughter. Cindy and I have been buds for 23 years now - walked through so many seasons of life together. Our well is extremely deep... We have great philosophical conversations as well as Godly counsel to pass along to the other (because both our mentor's speak wisdom into our lives to pass along).

We had so many highlights during our time together but one of the best highlights was our trip to Marcy Jo's Mealhouse in Pottsville, Tn. Here is the link: Take a look and even a trip to taste the delicious food and enjoy some great music on the weekends. Marcy is the sister- in -law and Joey (Jo) is the wife of Rory (Marcy's brother). Joey and Rory are married and have a tremendous musical career. You can also see their TV show on cable. So family friendly... Check the link out for those details and even a family recipe straight from Marcy Jo's kitchen.

How cute is this store front!!!

This porch rocker and swing was so inviting... we had to take a moment to relax before we stuffed our faces.

And boy did I ever stuff myself... here is my 2 sweet biscuits with sausage gravy, my two eggs over easy and 3 strips of crispy bacon - OHHHHHH YEAH!!!!! My baby enjoyed every bite!!! (I forgot to take a picture of my EMPTY plate).

This is Marcy of Marcy Jo's... Marcy, Thanks again for a delicious meal and a wonderful country experience for me and my bff!!!

Take this week to enjoy some time with friends and a new restaurant that will tempt your tummy with greatness!! I would suggest - Marcy Jo's if you are in our neck of the woods.

blessings, leigh