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A Great Weekend

on October 01, 2012

I just wrote on Friday and now it's already Monday. The weekend went fast. It sure was a great one though:) Friday night our Panthers beat our opponent. Spence didn't get to play, but was sooooo happy to be dressed out in his uniform. The first of the season due to his injury. I think he felt more part of the team. Here is a picture of warm-ups. The first time in a varsity uniform. He looks so grown up to me.

Saturday morning we hosted Leigh's baby shower. She got some super cute little boy clothes. ahhhh they are so sweet! My favorite part of the shower was the food of course. Quiche, breakfast casserole, fruit, cinnamon rolls, chicken mini's from chick fi la, and of course my favorite thing, the white cake. It was really fun.

Here is Leigh and the hostesses

AND the picture of the cake with these cute bassinets made out of diapers and blankets. So cute. Obviously I did not make those.

The nicest thing about my weekend was that when I got home from the shower and my husband and boys had cleaned the house!!!! Wow, what a nice surprise. Most of the laundry was done. I had thought that I was going to end up cleaning house all afternoon. Instead I got to lay on the couch and watch college football!!! It was awesome.

Had a great Sunday at church, more football, went on a walk with a friend, and then we went to see UNCONDITIONAL as a family. So thankful for a weekend at home. Tonight Price has a baseball game. Monday's are always a big day for preparing for the week. AND homework. ugh. Hope that you all have a blessed week.



Just wanted to say hello to you beautiful women of grace!
I was the crazy lady who told you about the holy spirit leaping in my chest the first time I heard your music, about 10 years ago...where does the time go. I snuck a hug from Shelly--sorry if that was overstepping I couldn't contain my excitement at meeting you gals! Blessings, keep up the great work. Claudia