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Hanging Out With Jamie Grace

on April 25, 2013

We had a tremendous time last weekend in Dallas, Tx at our GOG event. Darby was so excited to meet (for the first time with GOG) Jamie Grace - ALL of us were so excited to meet her for that matter. Jamie and her sister were so gracious and the GOG girls LOVED em'. We hope she will join us for more events in the future!!!! (hint, hint).

Darby was star struck - Jamie, thanks for spending so much time with our kids - they haven't stop talking about you and are ready to go on the road with ya!!

POG heads out in a few days to Holton, In. We would love to see you, so come on out!!!

Hope you have a great day AND enjoy these last few days of school. Oh, and here is an Andy update by photo.

Many blessings, leigh cappillino


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