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Happy 4th Of July!

on July 02, 2013

Happy summer everyone... POG has been enjoying a busy summer with family and friends. We apologize for our absence but we know you understand when it comes to quality time with family, that is indeed priority. POG gets back on the road this month. We will be in Ohio and Michigan. Check to see if we are near you - we would love to see ya. Just go to the TOUR page...

Also - Happy 4th of July!!! This beautiful flag hangs in the hallway of my home. I see it's bold stars and stripes each day. This flag was found in Hodges, S.C. a few years ago. It has 48 stars instead of 50. This flag tells the story of things past and allows us to reflect on how things have changed in our country... This flag was made during World War II before Alaska and Hawaii were added to the U.S. As of July 4, 1960 our flag has 50 strong stars! As we celebrate this Holiday we are reminded our freedom came with a price and today we want to say THANK YOU again to those heroes. Because of all those men and women, we celebrate another year of liberty and independence!

Be sure to take a moment and pray for our present heroes in the military and their families and ALL the leaders of our country. God bless you all and GOD bless America!!!