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Happy Birthday Spence!

on December 01, 2010

So my friend Spence has been after me forever to start blogging. So in honor of his birthday, (PS I have no idea when his birthday even is…we’re real good friends) I decided to see if my lazy self could do this for 25 days. I figured if I could do it during the holidays, while on tour, that I could do it anytime…suffice it to say this very well could be my first and last blog post ever. Come back tomorrow and see. If it’s not, you will be absolutely mesmerized at the deep thoughts I will bring to you daily. You will wish I posted twice a day. It will be awesome. NOT.
Anyway, back to Spence. . .

He is Mr.Twitter, Mr. Facebook, Mr.Blog Guy, oh, and he does those Iron Man thingys…anyway, whatev Spence. Here’s to you…you know I love ya….

So we’re super excited about our Home for the Holidays Christmas tour that starts TOMORROW. Yikes! We are in Minneapolis with Phillips, Craig and Dean and Chris August and wouldn’t you know that our FIRST show is our BIGGEST show of the tour. 4000 people, sold out. It has just a little to do with the popularity of the PCD guys, a little to do with the incredible KTIS radio station who is bringing us in, but mostly it has to do with my awesome-ness and the power of this blog I’ve started. The girls should really pay me extra…

Seriously though, we just finished rehearsals yesterday and we are all really pumped about the band and the music! Oh, and the new clothes we got! The only bad part is starting the tour off with new clothes that are already tight. We met with our stylist on Nov. 17th to be exact, and everything fit me pretty decently. Then Thanksgiving happened. Then leftovers happened. And well. Here I am. Starting the tour with tight singing clothes. If nothing else, you should come out to a show and watch me try to hold my stomach in for two hours. What could be more fun than that??

OK, well everyone. I won’t overload you with any more deep thoughts. I hope to see you tomorrow. I really do.

But I’m not making any promises. Not even to Spence.