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Happy Early Birthday to me:)

on March 15, 2013

Well, I know that my birthday is not for another week, but Stu has decided to give me my present early. If you know me really well, you know that organization is not my best friend. For whatever reason, I have REALLY be BAD at it over the past two months. Too much brain overload or something. Therefore, my house has paid the price for that. Drawers are completely overstuffed, closets have as many clothes on the floor as they have on the hangers (OKAY,, it's not quite that bad). But, it has definitely not been my proudest moments. So, for my birthday Stu has hired someone to come help me get organized. I'm thinking that this present is actually more for himself than me. Her name is Miss Michael. She is a wonderful Godly woman who is helping me to take a space at a time and make it more functional. I think there is probably something "Spiritual" about it all. Doesn't God want us to take every part of our mind, heart, body, soul, and let him come in an rearrange it to make it more whole so that we function the best we can giving Him glory in what we do?

Here is the first order of business. My work space. I now have a place that I can sit here and type this blog. I have notecards at my disposal to write a quick note to someone that I've been thinking about. My Bible study and Scriptures are right here. I'm so excited. So, thank you Honey!!! Even if this was a gift for yourself, I LOVE it and I know it will go towards enhancing our marriage and family:)

Last night the boys informed me that they both needed to bring a treat to school. Well, I just bought a pan that makes little bundt cakes. So I used our Point of Grace cookbook (Cooking with Grace) and made the "easy breezy Chocolate Cake" and made them into mini bundt cakes. Aren't they cute?

I am soooooo ready for Spring. I'm about to stop writing so that I can go outside and get some of that beautiful sunshine we are having today in Nashville. Hope you have a wonderful day and a great Spring Break if you are headed into that time. Get some of your Easter decorations out. It has helped my frame of mind even when it has been cold outside.

Have a wonderful weekend. So glad it's Friday!!!