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Happy Harvest!!

on October 26, 2011

Our leaves in Nashville are beginning to turn... the Maple trees always seem to blow me away with the brightest colors!! I recently found out it is because they have the most sugar in their leaves - well YEAH, of course they do... my child seems to be pretty "bright" when she eats her sugar too. Isn't that so interesting?

Speaking of SUGAR - Is your household going all out this year with candy and costumes? It is so hard when Halloween is on a Monday...being on a school night makes it tough. Last year was so incredible. Darby was Dorothy from "Wizard of Oz" and her cousin Leila was visiting from S.C. and she was a "Genie". We had a blast...We went to one of our old subdivisions in Franklin (the houses are closer together) and the girls came back home with a major stash of sugar!!! Good times!!

Another "Harvest" tradition is a trip to downtown Franklin for more candy, games and a Chili cook-off. I had to get this shot with Darby, Leila and the Scarecrow... how cute!

Each year gets better and better - I love living in Franklin!

Whether you are dressing up or handing out candy - I hope you enjoy this "Harvest" weekend with good friends and great fellowship (and maybe a little sugar too). xoxo!!!

blessings, leigh


Just had to say that is the cutest Halloween picture I have seen in a long time! She looks like she could be the poster girl for a country cookin' restaurant. TOO adorable!!