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Happy Harvest!!!

on November 01, 2012

We had a fantastic time with Shelley, David and Caroline yesterday!!! We began with makeup and hair for the girls. Caroline and Darby decided many months ago they were going to be the sweet bff team of "Shake it Up" Darby was Rocky and Caroline was Cece. This is a sweet Disney show of two girls living out dreams plus the ups and downs of being a teenager.

The pressure was on... I had to do hair and makeup while Shelley was preparing a delicious Harvest Stew!!! Yummy!!!!!! The girls looked so much older with makeup and hair done (bittersweet)...They were ready to eat and then get started on having some "shake it up" fun.
And Shelley never disappoints... the Brunswick stew and mexican cornbread was FABULOUS... however, the girls were now uninterested in eating... "Let's go Mom!!" So out the door they went!!!

Here is a few shots of our finished product - Rocky and Cece of "Shake it Up".

They walked a little from house to house and then we all got in the car with the back trunk open and drove around the subdivision. What a blast!!!!

Since we are doing the baby's nursery in a Toy Story theme, we had to get a picture of "Jessie" from Toy Story. She was giving out candy - so cute!!!

After a few hours and a whole bunch of fun we came to Shelley's, the girls counted their stash and then we made smores by the fire pit... a tremendous time with dear friends and cherished fellowship!! Thanks again to Shelley and David - the best hostess EVER!!!

Hope you all had a great time with your family as well!

Blesssings, leigh


I didn't recognize Darby Mae. But I can see, by the 2nd pic, a small version (not so small) of Shelley. It's so good that they are friends.
I really hope to see the next generation PoG, with them, Ella, and Price on guitars.
Well, I have to put the "I Believe in You" thoughts in my head: "Whatever road you choose, I believe in you", and not want them to do what I want of them. Haha.

We can see that they're growing beautiful girl. Congrats for your girls, Shelley and David, Leigh and Dana.

Brazilian hugs.