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Happy Hump Day!

on November 02, 2011

The work week is halfway over:) Sorry I'm soooooo late today on my blog.

Starting the week with Halloween kicked my tail! I was exhausted before we even got started for the week. It was fun though. We have a tradition of spending it at my friend Beth's sisters house. Her name is Denise too. So we call her Nee Nee. I know you are sick of Halloween pictures, but here is my chance to share pics of my kids, so please endure a couple more.

Price and good friend Will.

Spence and his best friend George.

Halloween is also my sweet Daddy's birthday:) I won't share his age in case he doesn't want me to. He said when he was little they would call him a little "spook". So cute. We got to talk to him yesterday, but of course I was late getting his card off. So it's going to be late and his present as well. Dad I love you though!!!! Thanks for loving your girls the way you do:)

Wednesday is one of my favorite days though. I get together with some Mom's from my boys school (FRA) and we study God's word and share what God is doing in our lives. I help lead worship which is kind of a joke with my guitar playing, but they are sweet and forgiving. I can't believe that today is the last week of our study for the fall. Next week I'm pumped because Kelly Minter is going to come speak to us and help us wrap up her study "no other gods".

Basketball is gearing up quickly. I'm thankful that it doesn't require as much laundry as football, but there are a lot more games involved which cause my blood pressure to go up. Just kidding.

This is the week that I'm having to do some heavy duty beauty maintenance. I told Stu that I was sorry. Getting old is expensive. I need some major overall on my makeup bag. I'm out of everything and the make up I do have is outdated. One of our friends is going to give me a make up lesson today. Her name is Sheila Curtis. She's been doing our makeup for videos and photo shoots for years. When she started doing it, I didn't have near as many lines to fill.

Here is one eye done:)

Here are both eyes done:)

I really need my nails done, toes done, a facial, a massage too, but only if I'm lucky, I might be able to swing by the strip mall nail salon for a cheap manicure.

Anyway, that's what I'm up to today. Then I'll be picking up kids, dinner, basketball practice, youth group and Community Group.

Have a wonderful day.


As you are learning, you could give us a "make up tutorial", what you think??? :D Would be great, huh? (I really mean it!)

Brazilian hugs, Karen!

Denise, you're beautiful anyway.