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Happy New Year!

on January 09, 2013

Happy late New Year,

Hope that you all are doing well. It's been a long time since I wrote. I can't believe it's already the 2nd week of January. My December was full and I loved every minute. Over Christmas break we had LOTS of "family time". From the 19th -31st we had family at our house. If I'm honest, it's just nice to not have to travel. My wonderful Mother -n-law, Mary K, started the chain of family members. I am so lucky to have the easiest Mother n law in the world. We had lots of fun getting all of the pre-Christmas stuff done. LOTS AND LOTS of wrapping. Here she is with us on Christmas Eve.

My Mom and Dad joined us on the 23rd. I surprised my Mom and Mother n law with tickets to The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. It is always soooo amazing!!. I mean really, I want to be able to dance like that. If I tried to kick my leg up that high, I would crack something for sure. Here is pic of my parents with us on Christmas Eve. My mom and Dad always made Christmas so special when I was a kid. i always had Christmas with my grandparents growing up, so I'm thankful that they make it a point to be with my kids during Christmas.

So late Christmas Eve, my oldest sister Donita and her family joined us. That is always extra special for my boys to get to be with their cousins who they rarely get to see. The only sad part was that my middle sister, Dayna, and her husband Ty were not able to be with us this year.

So with so much of our routine way off schedule, I'm finding it hard to get back in the groove of school and basketball schedules. However, I'm excited about the new year. It's a time to think about the things you hope for to come. Our church did something that was very meaningful to me. Our pastor was talking about how much gratitude and hope are inter-related. It is in the remembering of the things that God has done that make you know you have hope for the future. He had us take some time to write out some specific ways that God was faithful to us last year. We then took time to thank God for His evidence in our lives. Then he had us write down things that we are hopeful for this next year. f could see that by my being thankful for the past, I have hope that God hasn't forgotten me. He is faithful and will come through in my circumstances. It immediately helped relieve some things that I was anxious for in the coming months. Try it, maybe it will help you as well.

No matter what you are facing this year, I hope you know that God will be there every step.