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Happy President's Day!!!!

on February 17, 2013

Can't say that I was unhappy this morning as I got to sleep in:) Yay! NO SCHOOL. Woohoo! Last week was a crazy, but wonderful week at my boy's school. It was our Spiritual Emphasis Week. I am on the committee that helps facilitate it, so I spent a lot of time at school. It was an amazing week though. I got to see and hear some amazing speakers and singers that blessed me. KJ-52, the Katinas (who are ALWAYS incredible), Matt Wertz (who sang to our high school students) He has a new record coming out that you should definitely give a try. My good friend Chris Wheeler knocked it out of the park again with the middle school students and Annie Downs and David Ott were amazing as well. Those were just some of the things we had. I saw God do some pretty neat things in the lives of some of the students. That was the main point of the week.

The week before that, we were on the Kathy Troccoli "Amongst Friends" cruise. And it was indeed among friends. The POG hubbies were there and we thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with our friends Kathy, Ellie Lofero, Scott Krippayne, Don Moen, and my new friend Jennifer Rothchild. It was an amazing week. I'm so thankful that our ship was not the one that got stuck in the middle of the ocean. I'm afraid that Shelley would not have made it off the boat.

Here are a few pics. Most of my pictures were in bathing suits (which I didn't find too flattering or appropriate) haha.

Here is Stu and I on one of the formal nights. Very rarely do we ever dress up, so it was kinda fun. I'd still prefer dinner in my sweats. LOL.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my time with these two New Yorkers! We laughed and cried a little bit. Such a sweet time together.

Then just time on the beach with my sweetie. The weather couldn't have been more amazing. When we weren't enjoying the beautiful outdoors, or eating, we started watching Downton Abby. Yes we brought season 1 and 2 and finished it by the last day. I now see what all the fuss is about. We love it.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but we had such a great time that we are thinking about going on a cruise this summer with the boys. It's one way to get them away from their phones and Ipads because there is no service, AND still have a ton of fun things to do. hmmmmm we will see.

Have a great day!