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Happy Thanksgiving From Point Of Grace

on November 14, 2012


This year that day has already past, but I'm still grateful for all your songs and albums on this day!
Best Regards from .

Real ans Wonderful Ladies...Best wishes to you all...James B.Ruse II C.O.V.E.R Veterans Advocates.

Braeden loved this video. We were really hoping to bring him to see you guys in concert sometime this year but none of the locations worked out. But there is always next year! He loves you guys... the other day I was trying to find some dance-y music on our stereo so we could dance around the room, and so I was listening to each cd in the stereo trying to find one and when I moved on from your newest cd, he started yelling at me until I put it back on! haha. I knew then that I'm raising him right!

Have a great Thanksgiving! Prayers to Leah and her sweet baby for a safe and quick delivery when it is time!

Misty Fagan

Thank you dear friends
Happy Thanksgiving you all !

I love your fun style :)

God bless you girls

You make harmonies even screaming "HEY"! Lol
You Girls are soooooooooo funny!

I'm late, but, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

I love you.