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Homecoming, Mackinac Island, And A Birthday

on October 15, 2012

Happy Monday!!

I'm actually typing this on the plane headed to Mackinac island, MI. I've never been, but have heard great things about it. Shelley and I are going to rent bicycles and ride around the island. Maybe they will have a bicycle built for 2:). I can honestly say my mind is ready for a reset. Maybe this will be a good time for it. We are there all week.

Last week wore me out!!! Although it was all fun, I'm exhausted. It was Homecoming. Every day but one had themes to dress up etc. Then there was the game, Spence's birthday, first high school dance festivities. My parents came in for the weekend. We had to build a volcano etc. lots of fun, but ready to rest. Basically today's blog will consist of some pics from the week.

This was famous people day. Price and his buddies dressed up like One Direction. All the girls wanted their autographs. Hehe.

This was twin day with Spence and his buddies Rob and George. I can't say the name of the group because I didn't know it stood for something not so nice. Ooops. I just thought the costume was funny. I was impressed that Spence wasn't embarrassed to dress that way being a freshman in the high school halls.

The theme for homecoming this year due to the Olympics and elections. Was Red, White, and Big Blue. Here was patriotic day.

Happy 15th bday Spence!!!!

Best bday present ever. Spence got to play in his first Varsity football game. The Senior QB Matt Hiissong helped the team to get way up in the first half allowing Spence to play the whole second half. Here is Spence about to go in. #4. Coach talking to both of them.

After game dinner and late movie of opening night "Here comes the Boom". Boys said it was hilarious. I did not go. Stu drew the late movie shift.

Homecoming dance. Spence and his friend Anna. My my girls sure look grown up these days:). He had fun with his friends. If you ask me though, what happened to just a dance after the game. These festivities have turned into such a big deal. It almost seemed like another prom.

Well that was my week. Thanks for letting me give you a peek into it. Have a blessed day.



I know its busy but SO fun! great memories to keep:) i loved seeing Stephen play especially hs football! i know it thrills you to see Spence play. love donita

It's hard work for the mothers! There is something going on everyday - it starts all over again - my grandaughter is in K! I am so glad your son got to play in the game! I know my brother in law Jeff loved coaching him when he was in town, says he has great potential! It was funny how you guys never figured out his relation to Brett's Dad ~ brothers who both played QB at University of Alabama!!! You and Brett had already met through music at Word! Of course Brett never imagined he would be friends with the same POG he was dragged to a concert to hear when he was 10! You must keep your promise to introduce him to a great girl in Nashville! As they get to be adults there are certain things a Momma can't do for them! Would love to be friends on Facebook or would love to hear from you on email ~ I pray the Women's Conf will be a blessing and that God will give you strength as a wonderful Mother during these busy-fun years!
Kathy Rutledge
Birmingham, Alabama

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the names of the singing groups didn't have to be "not so nice"? Music is so fun ... I don't understand why some popular artists have to ruin it for the kids. We need more folks like Point of Grace to show we can be trendy, polite, Godly, and still COOL! Love y'all!


Love the pic of Spence wearing Brent's jersey. I've got one of those too.

I live on the island year-round and I hope you have good weather for your visit. It gets quite cool this time of year, so be sure to bring warm clothes! And a raincoat or umbrella - we've had almost a full week of rain.

Also, while tandem bikes look fun, they are a lot harder to ride. They are very heavy and make riding uphill almost impossible. You guys may have more fun getting seperate bikes...