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How You Live: Acoustic

I am a long time fan from Arkadelphia, I was in college at the same time that you girls got started. But I was at Henderson on a band scholarship where I played the drums. I have always loved your music and have tried to keep up with your career.
There are times when life hasn't always gone well, as life often does. This song spoke to me because I haven't always made the right choices. That has burdened me for a long time, but I heard these lyrics and I suddenly don't seem quite so burdened as before. You can't change the past, you can only move forward.
Its not what you did, its how you live.

God bless you

This like all the others are assume songs, it would be more than a privilage, honor, and dream come true to play drums for these ladies while hearing their beautiful voices.

Gorgeous. Just love that song.