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It's Friday

on October 26, 2012

Hey Everyone, what a week of festivities...

POG returned home Friday evening from Mackinac Island. We had a great time but I must admit, I spent most of the weekend resting from exhaustion. We only have about 3 weeks left before Baby Andy arrives (Lord willing).

Our church hosted our annual Women's Ministry Dinner on Tuesday and our guest speaker was Kelly Minter. She and I have so many mutual friends but we have never met. My friend Peggy and Dierdre invited me to sit at their table. Do you like these types of events? Each table is decorated with a theme and I walked around taking pictures of some very creative tables. Here is a few...( Peggy's table was "Breast Cancer Awareness" - the pumpkins were even pink!!).

Dana Tucker did this table. She is extremely talented. She collects old cheese graters and she sat them on top of candles... Dana told me that this was just some stuff laying around her house (a lazy susan, a round mirror, some rope, a cake pedestal, oh yeah, and some chenille pumpkins and wire basket) and "WHAALA" - a beautiful rustic center piece. These are the people to hang around!!

I loved this world theme idea... making a difference around the world. GREAT JOB LADIES!!!

Kelly's message was fabulous too -" A Heart That Can Break". It was from the book of Nehemiah - I took away some great "nuggets". Here were some of my favorites Kelly shared:

1. "The depth of your compassion will always be measured by your actions."
2. "Compassion will make notable sacrifices."
3. "Compassion will help us work out our fears."
4. "Compassion will cause you to commit to this process (weathering the storm)."

I hope these bless you today!!!

On a much lighter note. My husband Dana submitted a jingle that Darby and her cousin Leila and friend Meg wrote back this summer. It was a jingle for Webkinz. Darby and her friends are obsessed with them... would you believe, Dana got an email yesterday from the Webkinz headquarters and they loved the jingle so much, it is now on there Webkinz site. We are so proud off our little writers!! I wished I had taken video footage of Darby's excitement when Dana told her - PRICELESS!!!

People, it's the little things that drive us sometimes. Hope you will take a listen!!! The link is below.

It's up on YouTube now

Have a great day! Leigh



Leigh, it was so great seeing you at the Women's dinner. Thanks for including my cheese grater table in your round up. Can't wait to meet baby Andy. Hang in there. BTW, Loved the Webkinz jingle. That is one talented family. God Bless!

dana tucker