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Jingle Bells, Shotgun Shells

on December 04, 2010

I thought maybe today I would tell you about what a typical day on the road is like. The random things that happen, the things we eat, and people we see. Today was a good day in Grand Rapids all in all, except from about 12:31 until 12:32.

Michael, our piano player, and I were walking out of the hotel and I slipped on a little bit of ice. And I mean I BIT IT. BAD. I honestly have never fallen that hard in my entire 41 years of life. I fell on my face, and only my hands kept me from breaking my nose to pieces. The right side of my lip started to swell up, and Michael actually said it looked good-like it was Botoxed-and that I should do the other side. I’m thinking about it…

So we went and grabbed lunch at this Chinese place and I tried to recover. I was pretty shaken up.

I had to clean up really quick, but this man always puts a smile on my face in the shower.

The gingerbread man, that is. Yummy smelling shower soapy.

Then Denise, myself and a new artist that is on tour with us, Chris August, went to visit the Zondervan/Family Christian Store headquarters. We brought them Christmas cookies and caroled a little bit. We are just getting to know Chris. He is really funny and I promise I’m not just saying this, but his record awesome. Not a throw away song in the bunch-all good. Every stinkin one of ‘em.

Leigh didn’t go because she was getting a massage.

Just kidding.

She is sick and having a hard time singing, so she wanted to rest her voice. And we let her. Because we’re nice.

Onward to the venue. The very wonderful Program Director who has literally not stopped playing our music for 20 years, Chris Lemke from WCSG in Grand Rapids, brought us a wonderful surprise. Especially since I didn’t have time to eat dinner. He brought these little cucumber cups with this yummy shrimp and tomato filling, and these little toast things with pulled pork, mashed potatoes, creamed cheese and cheddar cheese on top. WOW! I told him we were putting those in our next cookbook fo sho!!

I had four. Of the mashed potato things.

That’s our new member. Just kidding. It’s Chris’ wife.

Then, as most of you know, my husbands’ entire family is from Michigan. It was really great to see all of them that came out to the show. Mom, Dad, sisters, aunts, uncles, lots of friends…
The number of people below is the amount of comps I asked for tonight! It was A LOT.

OK, so see the guy on the far right in the red sweater. That’s David’s dad. My father in law, Phil. I talked to him earlier in the day and he informed me that he and David had spoken a month or so ago about a shotgun. David has been wanting a gun for awhile, and his dad offered to just give him one of his. So Phil told me he was just gonna bring it to the concert for me to deliver home to Dave.

OK. Sure. Just walk into Grand Rapids First Assembly and stick the gun under the pew until intermission.

He brought it to the bus after our set.

This is our bass player Walt, with said gun.

It’s good to know we will all be safe tomorrow in Ft. Wayne. Don’t mess with us.