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Just Another Manic Monday - By Denise

on July 25, 2011

Hope you had a good weekend. Ours was good and low-key. Stu and Spence were in Virginia at a FBU Top Gun Camp. It was 108 degrees on the field. I seriously don't know how these athletes do it. Here is a pic of Stu and Spence. When I saw it I got a huge lump in my throat. He looks like a grown man. It's not right!!!

Price had his friend Will over to spend the night. We ate ice cream, watched movies, jumped on trampoline w/ sprinkler, and they played video games. POG sang at the Grand Ole Opry on Sat night. Leigh informed me that this was our 38th time. I can't believe it. Here is a pic of us and our friend Pete Fisher. He runs the events out there and has been super nice to us over the past few years.

We got to relax in my favorite dressing room (Room 18). It's the female Opry stars. Maybe one day our picture will be on the wall:) Today I want you to meet my trainer . Her name is Paige. She comes once a week to torture me. (and I pay for it! that's what is sick) I'm soooooo not in the mood for her to come today, but here she is all ready to go. AND she has pulled out the kettle bell. Now I really don't like her.

Ugggh it's so hot and there is no breeze. However, I truly am thankful for Paige. She has become a really good friend and encourager. On some other blog I may have her pass along some good little tips for better health. Maybe if I would actually listen to her and do what she says more than once a week, it would help:) But for now, I must go sweat to death. Have a wonderful day.

You are loved!!