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Last Friday of School

on May 18, 2012

Last Friday of SCHOOL!!!!! yay yay yay. It's been a great year though. I can't complain. However, I'm looking forward to finals being over next week and we can start the summer. We have just finished our baseball season with Price. I was so proud of him this year. He hadn't played since he was 5, but he wanted to give it a try. Who knows? Maybe baseball will be in his future.

It has been fun seeing him find his "own thing" that he is loving. A few days ago, he agreed to let a teacher "buzz" his hair if the kids brought over 300 pairs of shoes to donate to an awesome organization called "Soles for Souls". Here's a picture of the buzz in action:)

I can't believe how emotional I've gotten at the end of this year and I don't even have a kid graduating from High school. The other day, I was sitting in my car at the boy's school waiting to go in for an assembly. Spence and his best friend George came out to raise the American Flag up at the flag pole. They are just talking and laughing. As I'm watching, I just start bawling my head off thinking about the fact that they will be in High School next year. It was back in kindergarten that this little dark headed boy came up to Spence and said. "Do you want to be friends?" Spence says, "sure". They start playing and have been best friends ever since. Okay, here I go crying again.

Yesterday, Stu and Price headed out to a wonderful camp called "Camp Rockmont". It's an all-boys Christian camp that they go to in the summer, but they have a Father/Son weekend in May. They headed out a day early to go white water rafting. I got a picture this morning of the two of them.

So sweet. I'm thankful that Stu invests so much time in the boys. I think it's so important to them.

Spence and I are having our own fun. Last night, the two of us went out to eat. That rarely happens. Tonight we are going to go to the midnight showing of "The Avengers". I'm really hoping that I can stay awake. He has a track meet, so we have to go to the late showing. Just look how much taller he is then me.

Tomorrow, Point of Grace is headed to Helena, AR. If you are close, come see us. It should be a perfect day for it. Hope you have a wonderful Friday.

Much Love,


Planning on being there can't wait to see y'all perform!

I saw POG in concert and you were pregnant with Price. I think it was at Kings Island in Cincinnati Ohio. It was a sweet moment when you guys came out on stage and I realized you were pregnant! I think you were in a green and black dress! Funny that I would even remember that! However, I do always remember another concert I went to. It was a Christmas concert in Dayton, Ohio I think. You held up the wheel to your stroller and told us to NEVER go down the escalator with a stroller!! I think you had just had your stroller accident with Price tgat weekend! I remembered that visual aid every time I was tempted to just zip down that escalator instead of find the nearest elevator!! Thanks. I have 6 kids now and I don't have much of my own time to just sit and listen to music, but I did just download your new album. I look forward to memorizing every tune on my morning jogs, just like I used to! Thanks for your ministry. We live in Tallahassee, FL now so, I'll be watching to see if I can find you in concert somewhere close! Love, Joanne

Denise...he's left handed! Encourage him! They are very valuable as pitchers.