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Love And Hope By Denise

on September 15, 2011

A couple of years ago while on a "Cruise-ship" God placed something in my heart. I was listening to a woman speak about orphans that she had adopted from Africa. For whatever reason, I was super emotional and felt the Lord calling me to something. I wasn't really sure at the time what it was. All I knew was that my heart had grown soft to the children in Africa. Of course, I come home and tell my husband and he's like......uhhhhhhh....."Are you sure you just weren't sea sick? lol" I left it in the Lord's hands and just told him that I was listening and would wait to hear more. Over the last two years He has bombarded me with people that I love who are doing amazing work in Africa. I've had the privilege of walking beside some of them in their journeys.

1. My nanny at the time, Jessie Roesch, joined hands with an organization called "The Raining Season" and she went to Sierre Leone to help start and work in an orphanage called "The Covering". We were able to give proceeds to their organization through our cookbook. "Cooking with Grace".

2. I met Gwen Oatsvall and her amazing family. We had the privilege to do a benefit concert to help bring home sweet Daisy and Joseph from Uganda. Gwen and her friend Suzanne founded an organization called 147 Million Orphans. Many of you have seen me wear this awesome gear that helps support many areas of need concerning orphan care. They have SUPER cute stuff and the proceeds go to all kinds of wonderful things. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT FRIEND:

3. My Friend Sandra....

So exciting!!
Here is an opportunity to bring hope to Orphans in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa "Sarah's Children"
By purchasing a ticket to this fun event that will be held at Fellowship Bible Church on Sept 30th from 7pm-9pm, you will start the funds toward building an orphanage!

At the event you will also be able to purchase pieces from the fall line of 147 million orphans wear and Choisi Flower Pins with proceeds going to the orphans.
To learn more about the orphans go to
For ticket information go to to women's ministry

It's going to be a great event. I'm soooo sad because I will be out of town on this day. Christy Nockels is one of my favorite singers in the whole world and I'm going to miss seeing her.
Obviously, some of you don't live in Nashville, but here is a way that you can still participate.

147 Million Orphans ( is excited to help the children of Cote D Ivoire in South Africa.

For those of you who can not attend the fashion show being hosted on Sept. 30th in Franklin, TN - we would like to offer you another chance to be able to give back and help these amazing children ... If you on Oct. 1st and 2nd then 50% of the profits from your purchase will be given to Cote D Ivoire project. (The only item not available for this project will be Katie Davis' book Kisses from Katie (those funds are going to Amazima Ministries in Uganda, Africa)

It's funny as I look back at how God prepares you for things he wants you to be a part of. All of these women have been a blessing to me as I watch them do what God has called them to do. Maybe you aren't called to adopt or go live in Africa, but we all can find a way to help love the orphans in this world. This is a fun way to do that. Hope you can come and be a part.


I wish I could be there!! God have been touching my heart about adoption/sponsoring kids since I was 15 yrs old... and I keep feeling He wants me to do something about it!! That's a great idea!! As I live in Brazil, it's beyond my reach... but I know God will show me how can I help those kids!! One day I'll know what He wants me to do!

I really appreciate what you are doing here!! Hope people who reads here will be touched and are going to help!

Blessings from Brazil,