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Lovin My Laundry

on August 02, 2011

I absolutely love going to the flea market!!! It is the 4th weekend of every month in Nashville. It normally takes about 3 to 4 hours to walk the grounds which I think makes it very doable. As a matter of fact, if I know exactly what I am looking for, I can getter done in about 2 & 1/2 hours (including walking to my car). Nashville flea market never fails me - I ALWAYS find a treasure!!

My friend Jessie (who loves to craft as much as I do), Capri the "rookie" and I were off to the flea market a few weeks back to see what jewels were for the taking. I was on a hunt for my dining room table that this wonderful man from Kentucky made for me out of old church pews. I couldn't wait to see it. At my request, I had him paint it green on top (my favorite color) and to leave the legs black.

I got to his booth and he took us back to his trailer for the unveiling - IT WAS HUGE AND GORGEOUS and GREEN!! I couldn't wait to get it home. Next stop was the area of miscellaneous Chandelier links. I found a fantastic zinc/metal chandelier in Texas a few months back with holes in the metal all the way around it. I felt it was missing a little bling so I thought I could (over time) add hundreds of crystal links to it. It was my "lucky" day... I found so many beautiful links - each one different from the next. I am really proud of my chandelier.

My two tasks were accomplished so I wasn't necessarily looking for anything else... but then I picked up this old red metal object. I wasn't sure what it was. It looked like a pencil sharpener with a string inside the case. The man selling the object told me what it was - it was an antique clothes line. He showed me how you nail one side into a thick tree and put a hook where you want the string to hang. I was enamored by it and thought I could do my laundry room around this precious treasure. So I began decorating my laundry room...with the help of my friend Capri as well as a few treasures I had tucked away for such an occasion, we gave my laundry room a face lift. I love being in there. It is so clean and organized!

My favorite things are my antique clothes line thingamabob, my homemade curtains (Capri and I made those) and my "lost socks" plaque (Jessie made me that for my bday). The paint color is perfect, the window brings in so much light and everything is in it's proper place. Thanks to my friends I CAN get everything done and still have time for "lovin my laundry" room.

What's next? You will have to wait till the 4th week of each month to find out.

Have a great week, leigh capp


Love going to flea markets you can always come across something good or interesting!!! I havent been to the Nashville one in a while..going to have to soon!
- a Nashvillian lol

I would love for you to show more of your treasures! I too love to shop flea markets and see what jewels can be found. Also, have many many blogs I look at that do the same!

So I can picture you as one of those awesometastical interior decorators, Leigh.