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A Mid-Week Update From Denise

on September 07, 2011

Sorry everyone!! Today is a pretty lame blog. I don't have any photos or ANYTHING fun to look at. But don't we all have those days? Just kinda the mundane sort of day? Yesterday I got the dreaded phone call from school that my oldest Spence is sick. GREAT!!! He has his biggest football game yet this week and now he's got fever. It's been going around school. So of course it changes all of the plans for the rest of the day that you thought you had made:) Spent the evening nursing him and pumping him up with Vitamin C and drinking tons of liquids. He's headed to school this morning feeling better. I hope it lasts through the day. Missing a day at school is brutal to catch up on in the 8th grade.

My parents have been here visiting. That's always fun. I thought I took some pics of them with the boys, but it's on their camera and we don't have the cords to transfer them. I wish they lived closer to me. It's so nice to have them come to ballgames etc. We went to see "The Help" this weekend on our rainy Labor Day. Of course I can't complain about the rain because they live in OK and would LOVE to have this rain. The poor farmers in OK have really had it hard this year.

I do want to encourage ya'll to get out to see a new movie called "Seven Days in Utopia" . My friend knows this family and this is what she said about the movie. It is a wonderful family movie about restoring purpose in a life gone astray. A MUST SEE!! It stars Robert Duvall, Lucas Black & Melissa Leo. It is based on the best selling book, Golf's Scared Journey by David Cook. Here is the clip: We hope to go see it this weekend.

Yesterday we started our "FUN AND FIT" workout group. I PROMISE to get some pictures or video, but no one would let me on the first day. One day, I will blog and introduce you to some of my dear friends who are doing it with me. Paige is my trainer. She is coming over with a group of 8 of us at my house one day a week and we are doing a group workout. It really makes working out much more fun. Shelley and Leigh are in it as well. I don't know about them, but I am sooooo sore today. It's hard to sit on the toilet because my legs hurt so bad.

Today I'm pumped up!! My FRA Mom's bible study starts up. We are using Kelly Minter's study "No Other God's". I always look forward to these days. Meeting with women and praying and talking about our struggles. I'm thankful that God calls us to have relationship with one another in the body of Christ. I wish I practiced my guitar more because I would be a much better worship leader, but I'm thankful to my friend Diane who helps me out tremendously.

So, on that note, I really do have to run. I will leave you with the verse I have written on my brand new chalkboard for my kitchen:)

It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to Your Name, Oh Most High, to declare Your steadfast love in the morning, and Your faithfulness by night. For you, Oh Lord, have made me glad by your work, at the work of you hands I sing for joy. Ps 92:1-2, 4

Love you,


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This verse is really the kind of "kitchen's chalkboard" verse!!
I'm gonna write it on my wall here, right by the side of the lyrics "How You Live"!! :D

And I have to agree with you that it's awesome that God has made us to have relationship as christians! This small groups, studing bible, singing and worshiping God, are the best way of growing in faith!

God bless ya, girls!
Brazilian hugs,

OK, even the trainer is sore today. Thanks for not taking any pics of us yesterday. Next week when the Son is shining will be the day! Apparently everyone was working hard instead of hardly working! Hope S feels better soon

hmmm, even the trainer is sore today. Must be doing something right. We had a great time.