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Mother's Day With Leigh

on May 05, 2011

Mother's day is still hard for me... a day where all attention is on me - a day to be "praised"... but then that feeling goes away and I begin to focus on what would be an adequate way to "give Mommy praise"... (heee heee). My Mother's day wish is of course being with my wonderful Hubby and beautiful daughter AND to unwrap a package filled with very selfish gifts - i.e.. a house massage ( luxurious robe included) and a one of a kind outfit (needs no alterations and fits so well I look 10 lbs smaller). THAT IS MY MOTHER'S DAY WISH! Remember, they MADE me do this...I would be just fine waking up as if it were a normal Sunday morning - (right Moms?).

Happy Mother's Day to all Women investing in the lives of children!

Leigh Cappillino