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Move In Day

on August 03, 2012

It's move in day! My niece Melodie has been living with us and today she is moving into her apartment.

I grew up with a dad that owned a moving company. In fact my first job was a "packer". Hated it! Anyway my sister and husband got in last night driving a truck with her stuff. So we decided to move things last night while it was a little cooler :).

I was remembering back to when we moved to Nashville 20 years ago. In fact, my niece is moving into the same condo complex that Shelley, Heather, and Terry lived in. The layout is the same too so it's a huge blast from the past. I was a newly wed. We had no idea what our path would be or where God would take us.

That was why the name Point of Grace meant so much to us. "we as Christians live every day at the point of God's grace". There were many things that we were unsure about, but we knew God was in it.

It's still so true today. I just got off the phone with a friend who is going through a really hard time. Husband lost his job a few months ago after moving his family to Nashville. They were here 5 months. Now they are moving back home and he was having some back issues, went to the doctor and they found a tumor. Ughh. We don't know what tomorrow holds. But we do have a God who holds it and in the middle of it, there is still God showing each of us grace in the strangest places.

All of this recognized in the middle of a moving truck. Isn't God good?



"You look back at this moments
And see what He's brought you through."

In addition to bless us, God reminds us of his blessings.
May God bless your niece in her new moment.

Hugs, Dee.

Tiago, Brazil.