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My Christmas Family - Part One

on December 06, 2010

As most of you know, we are out on the road for most of the month on our Home for the Holidays Christmas Tour. We are only home for two days this week, then back out again for five. It’s kinda funny that we named our tour Home for the Holidays, since we are anything but. We were on the Gerry House show the other morning in Nashville, and he said we should call our tour “The Big Lie.” Not a bad idea.

Most buses have 12 bunks. When we’re not on a budget, sometimes we convert our bus from 12 bunks to 8 bigger bunks, and get a separate bus for the band and crew. That’s the high life. More space, more privacy. Currently, we are not living the high life. In fact, we actually converted the back lounge of our bus into another sleeping room with 3 additional bunks. So we’re at 15 now.

15 people on a bus.

We’re a family.

Meet the Family/ Part One

You probably know Leigh. She is drying her hair at the venue in Detroit.

In MY dressing room with MY hairdryer.

This is Derek our drummer during intermission. He used to play for Kelly Clarkson. We got to meet her once because of him.

He’s too good for us, but he doesn’t act like it.

This is Denise. She likes to work out. She tries to make us do it, but we always think of a reason why we can’t.

Today mine was, “I’m taking pictures for my blog.” Leigh’s was,

“I’m drying my hair.”

This is Mark our sound man. We drive him crazy. That lady’s name was “Mom.” She picked up our dinner and also swore a lot, especially for an older lady.

Anyway, if we sound good, it’s because of him.

Now this girl is an angel sent from heaven. Her name is CeCe. You know that yogurt place Sweet Cece’s? Named after her.

She is fluffing the trees in this pic.

This is Marcus. He is our lighting guy. We met him on tour with Mark Schultz.

He is amazing. Marcus, not Mark…

This is Walt. Plays bass. You know those people who act like
Jesus? He’s one of them…

So, that’s the first installment of my road family. If you come see us on the road, come up to them and say hi. Call them by name and freak them out.