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Point Of Grace Invites You To Girls Of Grace

Point of Grace is inviting YOU to Girls of Grace! Check out what the ladies have to say and visit for tickets and more information.

Hey Point of Grace:

Just wanted to thank you for all the powerful influence and encouragement you've brought and continue to bring to my life!

I am sorry I missed out on the Girls of Grace conferences as a teen, they weren't up and going yet. But, I do want to thank you for the help you've given me through those crazy years! I know I wouldn't be the 26 year old woman of God I am today!

I pray that many many other girls really grow ever stronger in the lord by this ministry. As you taught me:"We were made to love and be loved"...."you're precious in his eyes"....and "oh how long and deep is the love of christ!"

Keep at it and thanks again!

In Christ's amazing love,

Hey Point of Grace!:

Wow! The blessings and opportunities to share the saving words of Jesus don't seem to stop do they? I pray and hope that this year you continue to help many MANY girls grow even deeper in their relationships with the Lord!

True, the conferences started long after I was out of Junior High and High School, but I do WANT to thank you for all the years of music that has and continues to uplift and encourage me through this crazy road of life!

As you have taught me: "We were made to love and be loved",,,,and oh, "how long and deep is the love of Christ!" Keep at it and I thank you for helping me in perhaps a different way, but still an IMPORTANT way through those crazy years! I wouldn't be the 26 yr. old woman of God without you influence I am sure!

In christ's amazing love,

Hey Shelly,

Maybe you should do a dance whilst making the Salsa dip. That would be funny, take care,

Love, Sarah. xx

There is information at and you can request information there. Thanks!

do you have info on the Girl of Grace conference that you can mail me>