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Revolving Doors

on July 02, 2012

I feel like we are having a revolving door at our house, but I love it. My parents and niece and nephew just left. My sister Dayna and her husband are going to be here today through the 4th. Next week our dear friend Cliff is staying with us and then the next week my niece will move in with us for a little while as she gets herself settled here in Nashville. It's so fun!!!

As I sat here thinking this morning. Sometimes our lives feel like a revolving door. We move in and out of seasons, people move in and through your life, and it seams like the scenery is always changing. I'm thankful that through it all our God stays consistent. It's like he is the actual center of the door that is sturdy and allows life to move in and out, but he holds it secure.

Price left for camp on Saturday. He's going to be gone for 2 weeks. I'm not sure who is going to have the harder time. He was nervous when he left. Down deep I know it is good for him to be gone and develop some independence and confidence. It is an all boys camp and they start the week with shirts off and war paint on their bodies. LOL. It is two weeks where they get to be ALL BOY!! I just hope they make them shower a few times and force them to use soap.

It's weird just having Spence at home by himself. Not sure what we will plan, but I do know this. He's got to start his SUMMER READING!!!! Anybody else a little behind with that? Well, this week we are going to catch up.

I'm looking forward to the 4th of July. It's always fun and I'm thankful that Shelley has invited me to her pool. It's too hot to be anywhere else. Hope you are staying cool at least some of the time:)



I miss my family, that isn't coming to my home in this vacation time. And, how I can't go see theem, I'll keep missing them. Lol.

Have a good time, Denise!
Soon PoG is back, so enjoy the "nothing much to do" time.

Tiago, Brazil.