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School Is Almost Out!

on May 16, 2012

School is almost out!!! Yep...Darby took her jump rope, monopoly game and her lunch box to school today... that sounds like a day of fun to me! Tomorrow is field day and a party... I could definitely learn something under those circumstances, could you?

In all seriousness, I am thankful for a fantastic year and the best teachers EVER!!!

With school coming to a close that means summer is here and Memorial Day is just around the corner. Aside from great BBQ and outdoor parties we also want to remember our soldiers - past and present.

Dana just returned from N.Y. this morning... and yesterday, for the first time the family visited the Memorial landmark for those who served in Vietnam from his town. What made this so special was his Dad, Edwin J. Cappillino was the tour guide. If you look closely you should see his Dad's name in small print. Edwin (Red is what we call him) served our country during Vietnam (he doesn't talk much about that time) but we, his family are so thankful and are very proud of him!!! We salute you Edwin J Cappillino (better known as Red, Dad and Papa)!!!!

Tina, is pointing to the fine print... So cute!!!

Be sure to say thank you to all the soldiers you see around you - on a plane, at the grocery store, wherever...our freedom is enjoyed by those who have and continue to serve our country... a polite word of gratitude would be a tremendous blessing to each one!!

Have a very safe weekend and enjoy these last few days before the kids are home ALL DAY!!

blessings, leigh